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10+ Best Boat Tours In Santa Barbara!

Between dolphin sightseeing, romantic sunset cruises and rides to the Channel Islands — there are many options for boat tours in the Santa Barbara Channel! Bring your significant other along for a boat ride with wine-tasting or celebrate a birthday on the Friday night music cruise! Being this close to the magnificent Pacific Ocean there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get onboard and enjoy a few hours at seas. No matter what type of outing you would prefer, it’s guaranteed to be a Santa Barbara boat tour that fits your preferences. For example: how about a sunset dining cruise with the love of your life? Or a kid’s birthday party onboard the Lil’ Toot? Or how about a night of live music and full bar at seas? We transfer clients on a daily basis with limo services in Santa Barbara and a trending outing is to venture out on the ocean for a day or just a few hours of ocean fun. While some have booked limos to the harbor for the four-hour boat ride to San Miguel Island in order to spend the night camping in the wild outdoors, others prefer the 90-minute wine-tasting tour cruise in the harbor. Here is our limo service’ list of our ideas of top best Santa Barbara boat tours!

Live Music Cruise

Looking for live entertainment at seas? A memorable experience can be the Friday night music cruises offered by the Santa Barbara Sailing Center. These sunset cruises are $45 for adults, $24 for children. Clients using limos or party bus rentals often fall in love with these tours and go over and over. It is a bar available on the tours (offering wine-tastings and beer), but no food servings, so many bring packed lunch or picnic baskets along for the tour. Various other music tours are offered by Condor Express. Some of these include their opera cruise along the shore, offering a truly romantic getaway, as well as their Hawaiian-, Blues- and Reggae cruise tours. Some of these also include dinner, such as the Reggae cruise, while others serve appetizers.

Whale-Watching Adventure

Whale- and dolphin-watching cruise tours might be the most popular cruises in Southern California. Clientele order weekly limousine services to embark for wildlife-watching tours. These tours are offered by many companies, including Captain Jack’s Tours, Celebration Cruises, Santa Barbara Sailing Center, Island Packers, The Sunset Kidd, Condor Express and others. Prices for these are averaging $40 per person. The highlight of the year is the grey whale migration happening during winter (December through April), but these tours are offered year-round with an opportunity to see the over 30 species of animals found in the Santa Barbara Channel. Just some of the animals you can see include various species of dolphins, sea otters, sea lions, seals, dolphins, and more. While summertime is the best time to observe Humpback whales, the Gray whales are most common during winter. Dolphins, porpoises, sea lions and seals are common throughout the year.

Wine-Tasting Cruise

How about a day of wine-tasting at sea?! Ocean wine-tasting tours is an alternative to our popular wine tours to the Santa Ynez- and Santa Maria Valleys of inland-Santa Barbara County. Tasting cruises are offered by The Sunset Kidd and the Santa Barbara Sailing Center. The “Sipping on the Sea”-tours by the Sailing Center are $45 per person and offer wine varietals from the Topa Topa Brewing Company. Beer tastings are also available. The “Sip & Sail”-tours by The Sunset Kidd are $100 per person and offer wine varietals from the Brander Vineyards and elsewhere. The wine-tasting tours by the Sailing Center happens onboard their 50’ Catamaran, “The Double Dolphin”, while The Sunset Kidd uses a 41’ yacht. What could possibly be more romantic than sipping wines while floating on the ocean? For those who prefer to stay on land with an ocean-view for their wine-tasting, check out the Deep Sea Tasting Room on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara or Rosenthal Wine Bar in Malibu!

Deep Sea Fishing Tours

Deep sea fishing tours are a great way of experiencing deep sea fishing at seas! Offered by several companies, including Stardust Sportfishing and Captain Jack’s Tours, these trips cost anything from $75 to $325 depending on duration.

Full Moon Cruise

Offered once a month by The Sunset Kidd, full moon cruises are a beloved tour for clients at our Santa Barbara limo service. These tours cost $40 per person and last for 90 minutes. Offering great views and a romantic setting, this trip is popular for couples and for photographers, but just about anyone will get a kick out of this scenic moonlight tour!

Channel Islands National Park

5 of the 8 islands compromising the California Channel Islands make up the Channel Islands National Park. Clients rent limousine services to travel here from either Santa Barbara or Ventura; tours are offered by companies such as The Condor Express, Santa Barbara Sailing Center and Island Packers. Prices vary based on what island destination you pick and what company you order your trip from. While Anacapa Island is just an hour away, trips to San Miguel Island can take up to 4 hours. Here you can come to hike, take photos, look for the endemic Island Fox (found nowhere else on Earth) or just enjoy “North America’s Galapagos.” Our limousine and party bus rentals have many clients who also choose to visit the islands by air. While Island Air Services offer helicopter rides to the islands, Channel Islands Aviation offers plane rides out to the islands. Whether to camp here overnight or to visit on a daytime adventure, trips to the national park are highly recommended for families with kids, couples, groups of friends and all others who enjoy the outdoors!

Kids Birthday Party Boat Ride

While many of these tours are ideal for kids birthday party celebrations, companies as Santa Barbara Sailing Center and Celebration Cruises specialize in customized birthday party boat rides for children. We recently transported fifteen kids with our Santa Barbara limo service to the harbor to embark the Lil’ Tooth for an unforgettable birthday at seas. This trip, offered by Celebration Cruises, costs $99 for 45 minutes and kids can even get the chance to try out driving the boat in the harbor! Birthday party cruises by the Sailing Center costs $75 for an hour onboard their Double Dolphin yacht.

Sunset Dining Cruise

Looking for a romantic getaway at seas? How about a sunset dining cruise in the harbor! Dining cruises are offered by the Santa Barbara Sailing Center, while full bar is available on several of the other tour options. Companies to offer sunset cruises include Captain Jack’s Tours ($50 pp.), The Sunset Kidd ($40 pp.), Celebration Cruises ($40 pp.) and the Sailing Center ($35 pp.). Enjoy the majestic coastline and gorgeous sunset over the Pacific onboard a cruise in the Santa Barbara Channel! Most tours last for about 90 minutes. While dinners are available on some tours, appetizers are available on others. Most often the boats offer full bars offering wine varietals, beer, soda and more. Taking a limousine to the harbor before embarking for a sunset dining cruise at sea is a romantic activity for couples and others riding with our Santa Barbara limo service.

Other Cruises

You have a lot more options for boat tours in Santa Barbara! For an affordable and quick boat ride, check out the Celebration Cruises which offers a $5 ($1 for kids) boat ride from the Harbor to Stearns Wharf! For boat rides during Christmas times to look at Christmas lights, check out the “Parade of Lights”-tours offered by The Sunset Kidd, Condor Express and Celebration Cruises. Fireworks rides for 4th of July are offered by Condor Express, The Sunset Kidd and Celebration Cruises. Father’s Day wine-tasting tours at sea are also offered at Celebration Cruises, while Mother’s Day brunch is another alternative. Another popular pick for limo clients are Valentine’s Day cruises in the harbor. Several of these services also offer customized boat rentals, where you can rent a boat for a special day. Let’s set sail and enjoy a extraordinary day at sea.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

LA’s Backyard Wine Country

The beautiful vineyards at Bridlewood Estate
Winery in the Santa Ynez Valley
The beautiful Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County is one of the most visited wine regions in Southern California. Here you can experience the signature wine-tasting adventure with outdoor tastings surrounded by untouched nature and world-recognized vineyards. Further south in the Santa Monica Mountains is where we find the hidden wineries of the Malibu Canyons, one of America’s fastest growing wine regions. Maybe contradictory to common belief, the Greater Los Angeles Area and Southern California are home to some of the world’s most scenic wine-growing regions. Here you can bring one or several beloved ones — friends or family — for an unforgettable day on your own customized wine-tasting adventure. Let present to you LA’s backyard wine country, from the rolling green hills of the Santa Maria Valley to the breathtaking wineries of the Malibu Canyon, Temecula and Santa Ynez Valley. And what’s better than combining limo services and wine tours with a nice meal? We will also include some of our clientele’s top choices for dining in the various surrounding wine regions.

With its scenic rolling vineyards nestled beautifully in the Santa Ynez Mountains, the Santa Ynez Valley might be the most popular tours for our Santa Barbara limo clients and others. Besides having more wineries than other Southern California wine-regions, these vineyards might also be the most picturesque vineyards in SoCal.  The wines and wineries of this valley, which boasts over seventy wineries and wine-tasting rooms, are becoming more popular by each vintage. Having more wineries than any other place in Santa Barbara County, Santa Ynez wine tours to wineries such as Bridlewood, Firestone and Sunstone have never been more popular. This valley of just about 20,000 people has for long established its name as “Southern California’s best wine country.” To find your ideal wineries, research them online or give us a call for more information. Tasting locations here vary significantly, from outdoor tastings by the vineyards to indoors by the fireplace. There are also various wineries here serving dinner, although the favorite activity for many ordering limos for rent are picnicking. Great wineries for outdoor tastings and picnicking includes Bridlewood Estate Winery, Sunstone Vineyards & Winery, as well as Gainey Vineyard. These are all highly popular wine-tour destinations and places we could absolutely recommend for the signature tastings experience. Combine your tour to the vineyards with a nice meal at Brother’s Restaurant At the Red or S.Y. Kitchen, two great choices for dining. The quaint small-town of Los Olivos is an experience of itself, and should be added to any trip with limousine services in this area.

Check out the Deep Sea Tasting Room
for tastings by the sea! 
While the wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley are located within a relatively short proximity of one-another, it’s a different story in the neighboring Santa Maria Valley. Being one of Southern California’s oldest grape-producing regions, the wine industry is consequentially more established here. With over a hundred places to go wine-tasting, it can be a challenge in itself just picking the right wineries here. And with so many nearby communities to pick from — Lompoc, Buellton, Solvang and more — you sure have many choices to choose from when picking wineries in this region. Amongst are favourites are the Rideau Vineyard and Rusack Vineyards in Solvang, as well as the Foxen Winery & Vineyard in Santa Maria. Prefer tastings closer to town? Happy Canyon Vineyard and the Santa Barbara Winery in Santa Barbara are two great choices. We have even transported clients numerous times with our LAX sedan services from the airport and directly to wineries! While LA might not be home to too many vineyards, the San Antonio Winery of Downtown Los Angeles is a great pick for you city dwellers. Prefer seeing the ocean while you are sipping wine? Well, what’s a better place than by the Pacific in our extraordinarily beautiful Southern California? The two top spots for party bus rental and limo clients are the Deep Sea Tasting Room in Santa Barbara and the Rosenthal Tasting Room in Malibu.

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The outdoor wine-bar at Malibu Family Wines.
Just a little ways inland from the noise of waves and PCH is where we find the charming beauty of vineyards spread throughout the inland-Malibu area. Here, spread throughout the Santa Monica Mountains, is where the modern day California wine-renaissance is taking place. With more wineries showing up by the year, it’s hard to imagine that the wine-industry here didn’t really begin until well into the 1990’s. Now home to two designated wine-producing “AVA’s”, the Malibu-Newton Canyon AVA and the Saddle Rock-Malibu AVA, there are now over fifty tasting venues and wineries spread throughout the Malibu Canyons. Being the closest vineyards to the metropolis of Los Angeles, Malibu has also become an enormously desired wine-tasting location for people searching for limos for rent in the LA region. We’ve had executive clients fly in from abroad utilizing our LAX sedan vehicles to attend tastings at Malibu Family Wines. One of the most desired tasting venues in the Malibu Canyon, Malibu Family Wines is local treasure in LA County, situated in a canyon surrounded by vineyards and natural charm of the Santa Monica Mountains. While our limousine services serve Malibu Family Wines throughout the week, it’s most attended during weekends when tastings often are combined with food-trucks and live outdoor entertainment. Their comedy nights, called Sips ’N Giggles, are a must to experience. This December, standup comedians performing here includes Joe Sib, Nick Cobb, Ken Garr, James Frey and more. Malibu Family Wines also hosts a variety of other events, such as live music, karaoke, outdoor movie-screenings and even feature their own on-site safari tours! While Malibu Family Wines does not offer food, fear not! Make Cornell Winery & Tasting Room a stop on your Malibu wine-tasting adventure. Located next-door to the Old Place Restaurant, Cornell Winery & Tasting Room offers an impressive selection of wines with an old western feel. Another great alternative for an eatery in the Malibu Canyons is the Malibu Cafe, one of our favourite Malibu restaurants, hidden tucked away in a valley with a beautiful setting. The Saddle Peak Lodge is yet another great restaurant worth visiting when exploring the wineries of the Malibu Canyon.

You can find several wineries within
walking-distance in Solvang
Prefer a longer trip? While it may be a ways away, the Temecula Valley has consistently been ranked as one of the best wine-regions in California. While it may seem strange with such scenic backyard vineyards, we often transport customers with our Santa Barbara limo service from State Street to the vineyards of Temecula. With its spectacular landscape and impressive vineyards, Temecula has become a tourist attraction in itself. Last year alone, the tourism industry here gave over half a billion dollars to the local economy, mostly as a result of the booming wine-industry. Whether you are looking for a sedan for two people - or a party bus rental for 20 - we can help arrange your excursion to the vineyards! Offering the region’s largest fleet of vehicles and our own lowest-price-guarantee, you have nothing to loose when booking our award-winning Santa Ynez wine tours with us. We have offices throughout SoCal, so no matter if you’re in Santa Maria, Palm Springs or anywhere in between, our limousine services can help accommodate any need for transportation you have.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Explore the Wine Country of Santa Barbara

Our price-awarded Santa Barbara limousine service is a top LA wine tour company. We have been in the business of wine tours for over 15 years and truly enjoy bringing a unique and fun experience to our clients. We know the area very well and have professional, knowledgable drivers. If you are looking to book a limo wine tour, please check out our video of the gorgeous vineyards of the Santa Ynez Mountains, and then give us a call!

Friday, February 12, 2016

3 Tips | Booking a Limo

Companies providing limousines are not all the same.  Here are a few good tips to keep in mind when booking:

  • Do not let the price be your only guide!One of the biggest mistakes clients make when looking for limousine Montecito or S.B. transfers (for a Santa Ynez wine tour, a party bus service, or whatever the special occasion) is letting the price be the determinant. Just as with any other type of business, there are so many different levels of quality, and it is very important to know as a potential passenger that in the transportation industry, a great deal can often mean a larger risk to you. Here at our services for Santa Barbara limo, all of our chauffeurs are not only trained, experienced, and licensed, but we also perform checks with “mystery shoppers” and we do random drug tests, in order to guarantee the safety of our clients. Also, we take great pride in our fleet and maintaining safe vehicles. 
  • Book Early!This is extremely important if you are booking for prom, New Years, Valentine’s Day, and any other busy dates. Waiting until the last minute means your preferred company or cat might be unavailable, or more expensive, as price tends to go up at the last minute. With a Santa Barbara limo, there’s another reason to book early: we offer a price match guarantee when booking at least 30 days ahead!
  • Ask about permits and insurance!One of the ways transportation companies try to cut the corners is by trying to save money by not getting proper permits, or insurance. While this could potentially save a company a lot of money, it is an illegal practice and also very dangerous. Imagine you rent a party bus service for a lovely evening out with your friends, you get in an accident, and the company has no insurance to cover your medical bills. Or in the case that you book a sedan to pick you up at the airport, and the driver can't come inside to greet you. We have the required insurance, and permits.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Luxurious Transportation In Santa Barbara

The fleet of limos we offer are as varied and unique as the occasions that call for them. Our fleet has the vehicles and amenities you want to compliment your event's transportation service.

As the top rated S.B. limo service, our party buses, stretch limousines, town cars, SUV's, Hummers and shuttle buses are outfitted with the latest technologies. They are insured, licensed, and kept in the most pristine condition. Furthermore, our drivers and staff adhere to the most stringent safety regulations and we have a long history and reputation reliability.  Take a look at our fleet page in which we list our large selection of limousines and luxury vehicles. Pick one that will accommodate your special occasion!

Want to rent a bus?

The best thing about renting a party bus is that your group can travel together with you, no matter where you are going or your venue is located. As a Santa Barbara limousine provider, we serve all over the area, including locations in Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Ynez, and Santa Maria. We are pleased to offer numerous Santa Ynez wine tour options, as well as wine-tasting trips to the Santa Maria Valley and elsewhere. If you want to take your special event to the next level, count on our shuttling services for the best rated rentals for party buses!

Looking for stretch limousines?
Our stretch limousine fleet is available for any event. We service all over the greater Santa Barbara area. Whether you’re planning an event in Downtown, on State Street, or the S.B. Bowl, we’ve got your transportation and limousine needs covered. We also cover various wine-regions so call today for a quote on a Los Olivos and Santa Ynez wine tour experience. Why not go as big as you can! When you rent party buses or stretch limos from us – the top rated limo service in the S.B. area, you can be sure to have the kind of event you and your guests will not soon forget! Renting stretch limos or bus is the perfect way to add fun, class, and enhance any night out!

Need to rent a SUV or town car for your next event?

We can cover just about any occasion or location in the greater Santa Barbara area. Whether you are attending an event within our local area or traveling to a venue or event outside the area, including neighboring counties such as Ventura & Los Angeles, our luxurious sedans and SUVs can provide you with a safe, comfortable, elegant, and plush ride! When you’re searching for a sedan or SUV to rent for your fun night out or even just airport shuttle to any of the Southern California airports, be sure to contact your Santa Barbara limousine provider to book the best vehicle for your trip!

Call and reserve your party bus or stretch luxurious Hummer so your guests can travel along with you! Make a memory they will never forget! Unsure about what activities to do? See our tips for an unforgettable day in Southern California!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Airport Transfers Santa Barbara‏

We are the top rated airports transportation provider going to or from any airports throughout Southern California. We not only cover local airports such as the SB Municipal (SBA), Santa Maria (SMX) and Lompoc (LPC), but also all other major SoCal airports, including but not limited to our LAX limousine services, Burbank Bob Hope (BUR), Long Beach (LGB), John Wayne – Orange County (SNA), Camarillo (CMA), Santa Monica (SMO), and all other airports in Southern California. Using our sedans, SUVs, or limousines for airport car service is not only convenient and affordable, but we take pride in being the top rated transportation provider to and from airports in SoCal. What is a better way to travel than in the stylish, luxurious vehicle of your choice? Our drivers are professional, courteous and you can expect a memorable and comfortable ride. Traveling can be for business, pleasure, vacation, family and other purposes, and usually is tiresome for anyone. Arriving with a jet lag at LAX the last thing you want to do is worry about how to get home, to your hotel, meeting, or other destination. A taxi is always an option, but can oftentimes be cramped, expensive, and uncomfortable. After a long plane ride, our Santa Barbara limo services guarantee a pick-up in comfort and style, with lots of space for relaxation or stretching. No matter the size of your company, we are able to accommodate your needs. We take the utmost care in making sure the trip is successful, and our drivers are friendly and highly punctual, - we always guarantee to be there on time. These are among the reasons why we were rated not only the best provider of limos, but also an award-winning provider of various Santa Barbara-, Santa Maria-, and Santa Ynez wine tour selections further inland.

We operate 24/7 daily all days of the year and provide fast quotes for LAX limousine services or any other airports transportation needs. We also offer a price-match guarantee, so you can rest assure that no other airport car service would be able to quote you a better price. Do not waste your time standing in taxi lines or driving throughout town in a crowded shuttle. With your flight information in our system, we stay on top of when your flight is arriving. Our top-notch flight-tracking system will let us know if there is any delays, what gate you will arrive or departure from, and other flight related information. We offer convenient booking through our websites with a couple of mouse taps of your finger, or you can call us 24/7 toll-free if you prefer to speak to one of our reservation specialists. Our Santa Barbara limo services guarantee to be there in a timely fashion, always convenient and efficient, and customer services are our number one priority. All of our drivers are courteous, uniformed, professional, and informative. Feel free to browse through our fleet to select the vehicle of your preference. We offer sedans, Lincoln town cars, stretch limousines, stretch Hummer limos, buses, and more. Besides airports, we serve for example customers going out on town for some great night life, we offer Santa Ynez wine tour options, wedding transfers, bachelorette parties transportation services, and so much more!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Santa Barbara Nightlife!

There is something for everyone in Santa Barbara, especially if you are looking for great nightlife. There you will find everything from seedy bars to get wasted in, to dance clubs, to posh lounges where you will rub shoulders with the local elite. No matter what you are looking for, the nightlife here is there to provide, and the best way to get around is by a limousine or party bus. It will make sure that you don’t have to designate a drive for the night and it will ensure that you are rolling around in comfort and style. No one wants to be trying to hail a cab late at night, so booking limos to take you anywhere you want to go is always going to be a fantastic idea.

Party buses are perfect if you have a big group or if you are out for a special occasion such as a birthday party or a bachelorette party. There are some pretty amazing things that go on in S.B. night life and you don’t want to miss them just because you didn’t have a steady ride to get there and home. Booking early will make sure that you get the vehicle of your preference and that you will have all the time that you need. Whether you are going to SB for $1 drink specials on Monday nights at the Sandbar, or maybe something a little bit more sophisticated, driving around with our Santa Barbara limo service never hurt. It is a great way to stay safe and keep your group together so that you only need one vehicle. It is a lot more efficient that trying to have everyone in your party bring their own car and try to find their own parking.

A luxurious stretch or party bus can really help to make a night out special. Not only does it physically keep your group together, but it also helps to make the night seem more provocative. Having luxurious ride really changes the vibe of the evening. Everyone will be more candid, mot willing to have fun because they know that they will not have to drive. It can also help to create more and better memories because of the extended time that you will all share together, which of course also is true for our Santa Ynez wine tour options. It is an interesting way to spice up an outing with friends and create something that you really won’t ever forget.

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Whatever your particular style of night life might be, it can be found in the SB area. It is clear that everyone can have a good time, young and old alike. And everyone likes to be driven around like royalty. It can give you a sense of freedom and allow you the confidence to go out and to have a good time and to feel like you are really experiencing something unique. Hiring a Santa Barbara limo service can really change a whole night around. Where without a VIP ride, your group might get split up, people might be tempted to drive while intoxicated, and people are worried about staying out too late and then driving home. When you hire a vehicle you lose all of those stress factors and you can just be satisfied with having a good time and creating great memories with friends and family who really care about you. So, next time you are planning a big night out on the town with some close friends, think about hiring a limousine and see just how big of an impact it can have on your night out.

We serve all of the county, including other cities such as Santa Maria, Goleta, Montecito, Solvang, Santa Ynez, Carpinteria, and more. Feel free to also ask us about our award-winning Santa Maria- and Santa Ynez wine tour options!