Friday, February 12, 2016

3 Tips | Booking a Limo

Companies providing limousines are not all the same.  Here are a few good tips to keep in mind when booking:

  • Do not let the price be your only guide!One of the biggest mistakes clients make when looking for limousine Montecito or S.B. transfers (for a Santa Ynez wine tour, a party bus service, or whatever the special occasion) is letting the price be the determinant. Just as with any other type of business, there are so many different levels of quality, and it is very important to know as a potential passenger that in the transportation industry, a great deal can often mean a larger risk to you. Here at our services for Santa Barbara limo, all of our chauffeurs are not only trained, experienced, and licensed, but we also perform checks with “mystery shoppers” and we do random drug tests, in order to guarantee the safety of our clients. Also, we take great pride in our fleet and maintaining safe vehicles. 
  • Book Early!This is extremely important if you are booking for prom, New Years, Valentine’s Day, and any other busy dates. Waiting until the last minute means your preferred company or cat might be unavailable, or more expensive, as price tends to go up at the last minute. With a Santa Barbara limo, there’s another reason to book early: we offer a price match guarantee when booking at least 30 days ahead!
  • Ask about permits and insurance!One of the ways transportation companies try to cut the corners is by trying to save money by not getting proper permits, or insurance. While this could potentially save a company a lot of money, it is an illegal practice and also very dangerous. Imagine you rent a party bus service for a lovely evening out with your friends, you get in an accident, and the company has no insurance to cover your medical bills. Or in the case that you book a sedan to pick you up at the airport, and the driver can't come inside to greet you. We have the required insurance, and permits.

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