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LA’s Backyard Wine Country

The beautiful vineyards at Bridlewood Estate
Winery in the Santa Ynez Valley
The beautiful Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County is one of the most visited wine regions in Southern California. Here you can experience the signature Santa Ynez wine-tasting adventure with outdoor tastings surrounded by untouched nature and world-recognized vineyards. Further south in the Santa Monica Mountains is where we find the hidden wineries of the Malibu Canyons, one of America’s fastest growing wine regions. Maybe contradictory to common belief, the Greater Los Angeles Area and Southern California are home to some of the world’s most scenic wine-growing regions. Here you can bring one or several beloved ones — friends or family — for an unforgettable day on your own customized wine-tasting tour adventure. We even often have LAX sedan passengers who book their trip from LAX and directly to the vineyards. Whether you choose to travel by sedan, a party bus rental or more traditional Santa Barbara limousine services, we can help you!

Let present to you LA’s backyard wine country, from the rolling green hills of the Santa Maria Valley to the breathtaking wineries of the Malibu Canyon, Temecula and Santa Ynez Valley. And what’s better than combining limo services and wine tours with a nice meal? We will also include some of our Santa Barbara limo customers’ top choices for dining in the various surrounding wine regions. Make sure to check out the bottom for how you can combine wine-tasting and seeing locations from famous movies and TV-shows. And for any wine-tasting experience or vineyard adventure, adding limousine services to your plans will make it a day to remember.

Santa Ynez

With its scenic rolling vineyards nestled beautifully in the Santa Ynez Mountains, the Santa Ynez Valley might be the most popular tours for our Santa Barbara limo clients and others. Besides having more wineries than other Southern California wine-regions, these vineyards might also be the most picturesque vineyards in SoCal. The wines and wineries of this valley, which boasts over seventy wineries and wine-tasting rooms, are becoming more popular by each vintage. Having more wineries than any other place in Santa Barbara County, Santa Ynez wine tours to wineries such as Bridlewood, Firestone and Sunstone have never been more popular. This valley of just about 20,000 people has for long established its name as “Southern California’s best wine country.” To find your ideal wineries, research them online or give our limousine services a call for more information. Tasting locations here vary significantly, from outdoor tastings by the vineyards to indoors by the fireplace. There are also various wineries here serving dinner, although the favorite activity for many ordering limos for rent are picnicking. Great wineries for outdoor tastings and picnicking includes Bridlewood Estate Winery, Sunstone Vineyards & Winery, as well as Gainey Vineyard. These are all highly popular wine-tour destinations and places we could absolutely recommend for the signature tastings experience. Combine your tour to the vineyards with a nice meal at Brother’s Restaurant At the Red or S.Y. Kitchen, two great choices for dining. The quaint small-town of Los Olivos is an experience of itself, and should be added to any trip with limousine services in this area. In fact, we often transport international tourists arriving at LAX and booking LAX sedan vehicles to spend a few days here upon arriving in LA. A party bus rental is common for larger groups.

Santa Maria Valley and Elsewhere

Check out the Deep Sea Tasting Room for tastings by the sea!
While the wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley are located within a relatively short proximity of one-another, it’s a different story in the neighboring Santa Maria Valley. Being one of Southern California’s oldest grape-producing regions, the wine industry is consequentially more established here. With over a hundred places to go wine-tasting, it can be a challenge in itself just picking the right wineries here. And with so many nearby communities to pick from — Lompoc, Buellton, Solvang and more — you sure have many choices to choose from when picking wineries in this region. Amongst are favorites are the Rideau Vineyard and Rusack Vineyards in Solvang, as well as the Foxen Winery & Vineyard in Santa Maria. Prefer tastings closer to town? Happy Canyon Vineyard and the Santa Barbara Winery in Santa Barbara are two great choices. We have even transported clients numerous times with our LAX sedan services from the airport and directly to wineries! While LA might not be home to too many vineyards, the San Antonio Winery of Downtown Los Angeles is a great pick for you city dwellers. Prefer seeing the ocean while you are sipping wine? Well, what’s a better place than by the Pacific in our extraordinarily beautiful Southern California? The two top spots for party bus rental and limo clients are the Deep Sea Tasting Room in Santa Barbara and the Rosenthal Tasting Room in Malibu. Whether by a Santa Barbara limo or LAX sedan, we can take you to wine-tastings by the sea! What’s better than getting a few friends together, get a party bus rental and head to the ocean for wine-sipping?

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Malibu Canyon

The outdoor wine bar at Malibu Family Wines
Just a little ways inland from the noise of waves and PCH is where we find the charming beauty of vineyards spread throughout the inland-Malibu area. Here, spread throughout the Santa Monica Mountains, is where the modern day California wine-renaissance is taking place. With more wineries showing up by the year, it’s hard to imagine that the wine-industry here didn’t really begin until well into the 1990’s. Now home to two designated wine-producing “AVA’s”, the Malibu-Newton Canyon AVA and the Saddle Rock-Malibu AVA, there are now over fifty tasting venues and wineries spread throughout the Malibu Canyons. Being the closest vineyards to the metropolis of Los Angeles, Malibu has also become an enormously desired wine-tasting location for people searching for limos for rent in the LA region. We’ve had executive clients fly in from abroad utilizing our LAX sedan vehicles to attend tastings at Malibu Family Wines. One of the most desired tasting venues in the Malibu Canyon, Malibu Family Wines is local treasure in LA County, situated in a canyon surrounded by vineyards and natural charm of the Santa Monica Mountains. While our limousine services serve Malibu Family Wines throughout the week, it’s most attended during weekends when tastings often are combined with food-trucks and live outdoor entertainment. Their comedy nights, called Sips ’N Giggles, are a must to experience. This December, standup comedians performing here includes Joe Sib, Nick Cobb, Ken Garr, James Frey and more. Malibu Family Wines also hosts a variety of other events, such as live music, karaoke, outdoor movie-screenings and even feature their own on-site safari tours! While Malibu Family Wines does not offer food, fear not! Make Cornell Winery & Tasting Room a stop on your Malibu wine-tasting adventure. Located next-door to the Old Place Restaurant, Cornell Winery & Tasting Room offers an impressive selection of wines with an old western feel. Another great alternative for an eatery in the Malibu Canyons is the Malibu Cafe, one of our favorite Malibu restaurants, hidden tucked away in a valley with a beautiful setting. The Saddle Peak Lodge is yet another great restaurant worth visiting when exploring the wineries of the Malibu Canyon. While the vineyards of Santa Ynez are more common for Santa Barbara limo trip, tours to the Malibu Canyons are very popular amongst clientele in LA.


You can find several wineries within
walking-distance in Solvang
Prefer a longer trip? While it may be a ways away, the Temecula Valley has consistently been ranked as one of the best wine-regions in California. While it may seem strange with such scenic backyard vineyards, we often transport customers with our Santa Barbara limo service from State Street to the vineyards of Temecula. With its spectacular landscape and impressive vineyards, Temecula has become a tourist attraction in itself. Last year alone, the tourism industry here gave over half a billion dollars to the local economy, mostly as a result of the booming wine-industry. It’s in fact become so popular that we often transfer people on a weekly basis with LAX sedan cars from LAX and all the way to Temecula. Whether you are looking for a sedan for two people - or a party bus rental for 20 - we can help arrange your excursion to the vineyards! Offering the region’s largest fleet of vehicles and our own lowest-price-guarantee, you have nothing to loose when booking our award-winning Temecula- and Santa Ynez wine tours with us. We have offices throughout SoCal, so no matter if you’re in Santa Maria, Palm Springs or anywhere in between, our party bus rental- and limousine services can help accommodate any need for transportation you have.

Movie Wine Tours

Did you know that numerous movies and TV shows have been filmed in the Southern California wine country?

Santa Ynez

On our Santa Ynez wine tours you can follow in the footsteps of Miles Raymond (Paul Giamatti) and Jack Cole (Thomas Haden Church) in the film Sideways (2004). Some popular stops for Sideways themed cinematic tours of Santa Ynez include for example Kalyra Winery, where they meet Stephanie. Other stops include Firestone Winery, where they sneak from a boring lecture, and the Foxen Winery, where Jack and Miles fill up some glasses. Besides this movie, Firestone Winery has also appeared in the episode “Mr. Monk Gets Drunk” in the TV-series Monk (2005). In this episode we can see Monk visiting the fictive Allaccano Winery, which actually is a combination of the Crossroads Estate and Firestone Vineyard, two popular vineyards for Santa Ynez wine tours. Many cinematic tours by limo here goes to destinations featured in the movie Return to Mayberry (1986). Some of the scenes from the movie filmed here includes the courthouse scenes, Opie’s office, a church and cemetery, a flagpole by a wine-tasting room, and more. Santa Ynez is also featured in Violet (2013), Generation Cap (2008), Greener Mountains (2005), and many more TV-series and films. So why not jump in a Santa Barbara limo and head up the mountains for movie wine tours of Santa Ynez?


Many movies have been filmed at Malibu Family Wines
As many who books our limousine services know very well, thousands of movies have been filmed in Malibu. And the Malibu wine country is no exception. A popular winery for wine tours here is Malibu Family Wines. Their Saddle Rock vineyard was once home to a popular film ranch where various TV-series and films were made. Just a few of the many movies filmed here are California (1947), The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935) and The Girl of the Golden West (1938). Cornell is another favorite for Malibu wine tours. Many movies also feature this hidden gem in the Santa Monica Mountains. This is for example the location for where the bikers gather in The Thundermakers (1972) and where the sheriff’s office is located in the episode “Stroke of Genius” in the TV-series The Fugitive (1963-1967). It is also the location of where Amanda gets picked when hitchhiking in the episode “Renegade’s Child” in the show Barnaby Jones (1973-1980). It is featured as a gas station in the episode “En Ami” of The X-Files (2000), while a nearby diner can be seen in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985).

Combine cinematic tours with Santa Ynez wine tours and see where your favorite movies were filmed! Or for a more tradition wine-tasting tour, get a Santa Barbara limo for a luxurious outing on town. Whether for a trip to wine country, LAX sedan services or any other need for limo- or party bus transportation, call us today!